Goian Bego, Aita Tillous

I only met him a few times, in Seattle, in Boise, in Homedale, but he made a lasting impression.  Always with a smile and with his txistu at hand, Aita Martxel Tillous always added something special to any Basque gathering, even if it was a bunch of northwesterners gathered in a hay barn, doing their best to recreate something of the Basque Country in the countryside outside of Seattle.  All who met him always remembered him.

Aita Tillous passed away, sometime in the last day or so.  He had been spending his last days in his home in France, as his illness slowly claimed him, as he described in this letter to the Basque community in the US.

He will be sorely missed.  His absence will be all too conspicuous at the next gathering of Basques.

Update: NABO has posted an eulogy of sorts for Aita Tillous.  Euskalkultura.com has a write-up in Euskara, written by Joseba Etxarri, who was often seen at Basque festivals alongside Aita Tillous.  I remember Joseba playing, on the accordian I believe, next to Aita Tillous on the txistu at our annual Basque picnic in Seattle one year.

Update II: Xabier Berrueta sent me a couple more links: an interview of Aita Tillous by Idoya Salaburu Urruty of EuskoSare and an interview of Aita Tillous conducted by the Basque newspaper Berria.

3 thoughts on “Goian Bego, Aita Tillous”

  1. Pausatu bakean Martxel. You are now free like a pottoka, a young basque colt horse, in the mountains running free. Eskerrik Asko for all that you have done. Because of you….we are. Your will and desire…..is now our responsibility!!!! Agur eta ikus artio…

  2. We had you with us once,in our midst, however only once, but that once was quite sufficient; for some, once might seem insufficient, but when it is a man like Aita Tillous, meeting him once meant you would never forget him. Like meeting a giant, an angel from heaven or like meeting a Hollywood star, you knew you met one of a kind. His kind was meek, gentle, true and noble, a lover of his people, a lover of music, and a lover of God. Those who met him, felt the blessing of his presence, the energy of his will, and the ever presence of his love.He will always be missed and he will always be remembered. Eskerrikasko, Aita Martxel Tillous for visiting with us, and May your memory be eternal!Goraintzi Betikor! We miss you already, Aita!

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