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Here, you can leave notes for me to answer. Be aware, I’ll make these public, so others might weigh in as well. I’m doing this as a number of people have left comments on the “About BBP” page, suggesting I need a spot for people to leave random thoughts and comments about Basque Culture and this site.

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  1. I am writing a book on old time sheepherders and looked for a recipe on making bread the way they did. I hope you don’t mind that I am including it in my book. I will give it the appropriate citation.

  2. I have traced my Irish Ancestry back to the Basque Provinces,using DNA.I have no idea what the Basque Equivalent to my Irish Surname would be.My last name is GINNANE….and my ggrandfather came from County Clare in the Republic of Ireland.I would readily accept some suggestions as to where to start with this.I’ve been a Family Historian for many years.
    Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.
    Danny Ginnane-Gannon in Charleston,SC

  3. In taking a look at my Irish Ancestry which dates back to the 1600’s in County Clare in the Republic of Ireland….this is what came up!!..
    Trinity College in Dublin,Ireland asked if they might come out to our family cemetery on Coney Island(not the one in NY)…but the one in the Shannon River just off the Coast of County Clare in Ireland.( the way, is Gaelic for “rabbit”).My family(GINNANE) had recently cleared the cemetery…exposing stones that dated back to the 1600’s…in the Church Graveyard.Trinty removed one bone from a grave dating back to the 1600’s….and did a DNA Test on it.It was of Basque Origin.Reading the articles associated with this Basque Website…I’ve learned that Basque Sailors were Whalers.Is it possible that they were whaling off the West Coast of Ireland in the 1500’s and 1600’s?
    Also,not associated with my GINNANE Family….but through my other research…I’ve come to learn that St.Ignatius of Loyola was Basque.Has anyone on this website done any research on St.Ignatius?
    I know he was born in the Province of Guipuzcoa….which brings another question to my mind!!…..were Surnames in the Basque Area connected in any way to the Provinces they came from…..hence if you came from Guipuzcoa….your Surname would begin with GU—–??
    I’d appreciate any feedback on my comments!!
    Thank You!
    Danny Ginnane-Gannon in Charleston,SC

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