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Link dump

I’ve been meaning to share this set of links for a while and just thought I’d “dump” them on you before I either forget or they get outdated. ūüôā, an online music station of sorts, has a channel dedicated to Kortatu and similar artists. I haven’t spent a lot of time with it yet, […]

72nd Anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika

Sunday, April 26, marks the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Gernika.¬† When I posted on a previous anniversary, I wrote that the Wikipedia article on the bombing briefly mentions that, in addition to Gernika and Durango, Gerrikaitz was also bombed.¬† I was intrigued by this as my dad is from that town and I […]

Ahizpak Designs

Ahizpak.¬† Sisters.¬† Clearly a good description of Izar and Maite, two sisters who are immensely talented artists.¬† Ahizpak is also the name of their joint studio, in which they showcase their work.¬† Including sculpture, paintings, carvings, jewelry and more, they take their inspiration from their Basque heritage, incorporating Basque motifs such as the lauburu, Euskara, […]