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Malgorzata K. Czarkowska, who I met during a visit to my dad’s family in Munitibar a number of years ago, and who was spending the summer visiting Euskal Herria and getting to know the people, sent me some very nice photos from her time there.  She goes after the people a little bit more, juxtaposing the old traditions with the new changes going on.  The gallery of her photographs can be found in the Photo Album.

Photo Album Revamped

I revamped the Photo Album, using the NextGEN Gallery by Alex Rabe, a plugin for WordPress that will hopefully make the Photo Album both easier to update and more visually appealing.  Any comments greatly appreciated.  I have new photos to add to the Album, which I hope to do soon.


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Beth writes: My husband and I are big fans of your website! We live in Boise, ID and are very involved in the Basque community here. My husband is half Basque from the Yuriando (sp? I can never remember the correct spelling ha ha) He has quite a few tattoo's dedicated to Basque heritage. The pics are of one of his qtr. sleeves. Note the Oak leaves, Fleur de le, and dancer. The Lion which is on the inside of his arm is from his Basque family crest. He has a few other's, but I don't have pics of those. These were done by Sean Wyett of BlackCat Tattoo in Boise, Idaho.

Txoria Txori by Joan Baez

Dafydd, frequent contributor and poster on the Forum posted this video in the Forum. It is a video of scenes from the Basque Country to the song Txoria Txori as sung by Joan Baez.

The lyrics, as reported on many sites, are:

Txoria Txori

Hegoak ebaki banizkio
Neria izango zen
Ez zuen aldegingo
Bainan, honela
Ez zen gehiago txoria izango
Eta nik…txoria nuen maite

The bird which is a bird

If i had cut the wings to her
She would have been mine
She would not be flees
She would not have been anymore a bird
And me…it’s the bird which i loved

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