May 2010 Newsletter Online!

The May 2010 NMEE Newsletter is now online!

Thank you so much to the following contributors:

  • Sonia Ulibarri of and Karen Squires The Spanish Table
    ( for their financial support of our newsletter.
  • Mat Perez-Dornaletxe and Tricia Erazo Penn for reviving the Member Portrait
  • Lou and Ginger Ollivier for hosting the Second Annual Mus Potluck this
    coming weekend.
  • The Basque Museum and Cultural Center ( for
    letting us reprint their Ellis Island information.
  • Chef Emily Swantner ( for the fun cooking class
    and tasty recipe.
  • Spanish Trails International ( for their continuing
    Heraldry contribution.
  • Blas Uberuaga for his continuing Buber-tik contribution and the Basque
    Legend information.
  • The Tapas Committee (Lorin Abbey, David Abbey, Sherry Morrison, Isaac
    Rivera, Karen Squires, Blas Uberuaga, and Lisa Van De Graaff) for putting
    your hearts into another great event this year.
  • Tricia Erazo Penn for single-handedly distributing this newsletter.

What a great team we are!

Lisa Van De Graaff
Co-Editor of the NMEE Newsletter

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