Visit a Progeny of the Gernika Oak!

A friend of NMEE, Michael Martin Meléndrez, invites us to a beautiful day at The Arboretum Tomé in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Thank you, Michael, for this wonderful opportunity!
Click here for flyer: Arboretum Tomé Flyer.

As you may know, the Basque people are particularly fond of oak trees, with the common oak species of our homeland being the Quercus robur, sometimes called the English Oak. Since the middle ages the elders or leaders of each village would assemble under an oak tree to conduct the affairs of the village. One tree in particular became a symbol of Basque nationalism, called the Gernikako Arbola or “the Tree of Gernika”. Gernikako Arbola is also the title of a song celebrating the tree and Basque freedom. It’s the unofficial anthem of the Basques.

A progeny of the famous Gernika oak growing in my arboretum in Los Lunas is now about 20 years old and 25 feet tall. The arboretum is one of the largest species collections of oaks in the United States and the largest collection in the world of oak species native to the Southwest. The garden and collections is called the Arboretum Tomé and it’s where I live and conduct my two businesses – Trees That Please and Soil Secrets. On May 16, 2009, I’ll open the site to the public for a day long picnic and self guided tour of the trees, all labeled. In the afternoon I’ll have live easy listening music and in the morning some lectures on proper tree planting techniques, how to make your soil healthy for gardening and so forth. Anyway, the day is free and everyone is invited.

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