Oreka TX coming to New Mexico!

Since the 1960s, Basque folk music has seen a very exuberant revival, with the rediscovery of many traditional instruments.  Chief amongst those is the txalaparta, a device once used to communicate between the valleys, announcing weddings, deaths, and the completion of the latest sagardoa/cider batch.  Today, the txalaparta is central to a number of folk music groups, in particular the band Oreka TX.

Oreka TX has gained international fame for their skill with the txalaparta, a fame which brings them to New Mexico as part of a US tour.

On Saturday, September 25, Oreka TX will perform at Globalquerque!  For tickets and more information, check out Globalquerque’s website at 


On Sunday, September 26, NMEE is extremely pleased to host Oreka TX for a free private event, including a live performance and then a video presentation of their travels performing with other folk groups around the world.  The venue is still being finalized; stay tuned.  Donations to help offset the costs are welcome.

UPDATE: The venue has been set.  The performance will be at Mike’s Music Exchange in Eldorado.  See their website for directions, or contact Blas at blas@buber.net.

For more information about the txalaparta, you can visit this Wikipedia article:


For more information about Oreka TX, you can visit their website at


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