NMEE is dedicated to promoting and preserving the Basque culture in New Mexico. We are especially interested in recognizing New Mexico’s unique Basque history, from the time of the conquistadors to the more recent sheepherders.

NMEE is a non-profit organization (Club) and is formed to keep and practice
the culture and traditions of the Basque people; to engage in educational, social, and
recreational activities to bring together those interested in the Basque people; to
support the members in any reasonable manner; and to promote the Basque culture in
the greater community.

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  1. John Lorenzo Archuleta

    I am an descendant of Asencio Arechuleta who arrived with the Onate expedition in 1598. I would appreciate any and all input I can receive from anyone researching the same family. Even though he was from Eibar, Spain, I cannot seem to get any additional info beyond that point.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    John Lorenzo Archuleta

  2. Juan J Uribe

    my last name is Uribe, i’ve been told by Spaniards from Spain that it’s of Basque origin, and i’m interested in learning about my origins. i ran into this site and was intrigued to know there is a Basque Organization in my state. i would like to hear from you if possible, thank you.

  3. buber Post author

    Hi Lucille, the club is a bit dormant right now, but I have hopes to revive it. When we get going again, I will post something on the page here.

  4. teresa

    My mom is from Gernika, and I am looking for othe Basques here in NM.
    I had a lot of basque friends in California, and I feel totally alone here.
    Where are the Basques?

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