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Euskara lesson: Aug 25

Probably the key identifying feature of the Basques is their language. It is what truly sets them apart. Taking some cues from other clubs, in particular Seattle and San Francisco, we would like to incorporate more Euskara into our activities. To this end, we will be providing basic language lessons.

The first language lesson will be on Aug 25. Put together by Blas and Karen, it will feature rudimentary vocabulary – words to get you by during your first trip to the Basque Country. If the interest holds, we will hold additional classes that delve a bit more into Euskara, at least as far as the knowledge of the instructors allows. Please contact nmee@buber.net if you are interested in participating.

The time and location will be announced soon!

May 2011 Newsletter!

The May 2011 Newsletter is now online, after a delay related to my general inability to keep things updated.  Inside, you’ll find a list of events we are working on, including an introductory Euskara class and a Basque movie night.

Also, there is a brief report on the recent elections in Spain and, in particular, the Basque Country.  A new party, Bildu, did very well.  What that means for the future of the region is unclear, but it does suggest directions will change.

A PDF of the newsletter can be found here.

As always, many thanks (mik esker!) to Lisa Van De Graaff for putting this together!