NFL-Idaho Fantasy Football Draft!

Last weekend we had our fantasy football draft for the NFL-Idaho league. I’m not sure how I turned out. We’ll see soon enough. Fortunately, I have a strong set of keepers, including Peyton Manning, Larry Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Shaun Alexander. But, being last to draft in the first few rounds (due to my winning the championship last year, so no complaints, really), most of the really good guys were gone before I got my first pick. But, I did grab Chad Johnson, much to the dismay of my little brother, so I should have strong WRs and RBs. But, my #2 QB is Kurt Warner, who may or may not have a great year. We’ll see.

Anyways, the NFL season is almost here! I’m excited for another year of fantasy football! And I’m ready to kick some ass!

The image is the logo of my team, Blasphemy.

One thought on “NFL-Idaho Fantasy Football Draft!”

  1. i am looking to join a fantasy football league for the year 2010.

    Please email me and let me know if you know of a league and how much.

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