Congratulations to the Poo

Well, the 2007 season for the NFL-Idaho Fantasy Football League is over. I was damn near last, but during the last week, Shula’s Revenge overtook me. Fortunately, it is both a blessing and a curse. He gets the first pick next year, but will he use it on McFadden? Or will McFadden be a bust? The first pick this year was used on Adrian Peterson (the Viking, not the Bear) and turned out to be great. But how many were wasted on Reggie Bush or Ronnie Brown? So, I don’t envy Shula. Good luck!

But, the real news is that Dave, my brother, known as Hankey in the league, is our new champion. He is one of the original 4 founders of the league and has dwelled in the basement of the league for a number of years. But, this year, thanks to his veteran Brady and the foresight to draft Moss, Hankey came on strong and edged out the Outlaws for the 2007 League Championship. Congratulations Hankey! It was a hard fought and well deserved victory!

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