Battlestar Galactica

My wife, Lisa, had heard about Battlestar Galactica from some friends and was intrigued. So, she rented the first season or two from NetFlix and started getting into it. Eventually, she got me to watch too.

Now, normally, I’m not a SciFi fan. I tend to like fantasy better. Science people seem to come in two camps: those that like SciFi because of its basis on science and those that hate it because of the liberties and non-sensical science that are often included. I fall in the second camp. I don’t mind fantasy because the rules are just made up and don’t pretend to be based on anything real. But, SciFi has the pretext of being based on science so I have a problem with Star Trek when everything seems to be solved by a “tachyon field.”

BG is different. It is SciFi and some things are obviously pushing things (the jumping of the ships, the fact that it is so hard to tell Cylons apart from humans when they have to be based on different chemistry, etc). But, it is more of a political drama with the SciFi as a vehicle. And, I have to admit, it is really good. I’m completely captivated as well. We are eagerly awaiting the start of the second half of season three.

I highly recommend the series to anyone who just likes a good story.

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