Indy wins!

Colts Logo Well, the Colts won the Super Bowl! Finally, a team I root for wins something. I’ve had poor luck with my favorite NFL team, the Vikings, and the other sports teams I like (the Marineres and the Sonics, though if they move to Oklahoma, I will have to find a new NBA team).

The game, as befit the weather conditions, was sloppy. A lot of turn overs by both teams. Manning wasn’t spectacular, but got enough done to win. On our fantasy football site, we’ve been talking about if he deserved the MVP. I personally felt others deserved it as much as he did (the Colts’ RBs, Addai and Rhodes, or the defense, or even Grossman 😉 ) but I am not upset with Manning winning it. The whole offense goes through him and, more than most teams, he calls the plays. He adjusts to the defense. So, that the Colts ran against the Bears more than they did against other teams is as much Manning’s doing as anyone’s, it would seem to me.

The most impressive thing to me is how the defense stepped up in the playoffs. They were horrid during the regular season, especially against the run, but they became a very different team in the playoffs, shutting down some pretty damn good RBs, especially my rookie keeper Larry Johnson.

I’ll admit that I’m so up on Manning because he is my keeper QB. So, I’m happy that he won the big one, maybe get some of those critics off his back. Maybe this is his Jordan moment, and he will dominate for a few years, winning a few SBs. But, it will take another one or two to get some critics off his back.

Grossman played as bad as many thought he might. I wondered if at some point they might pull him. I don’t know if that has ever happened in a SB, but he deserved to get pulled. If the Bears had a semi-decent QB, I think they could have won. I’m guessing Griese and Orton were sitting on the bench thinking they could have done better.

While not the best SB I’ve seen, I was at least happy with the result. Congrats to the Colts! Maybe next year the Vikes can do something.

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