Day of San Blas!

As I posted on my Basque page, today is the day of San Blas! San Blas is the patron saint of throat diseases. If you are Catholic, today would be the day you go for the blessing of the throat. In the Basque Country, there are a number of towns and villages that have fiestas today. Probably the biggest in Bizkaia is in Abadiño. The signature of these fiestas are these little cookies with holes in the center, sort of like a flat donut, which are then frosted in an anis-flavored frosting. You see them everywhere, by the bag-fulls (like in the picture which I snagged from El Correo Digital, I believe). Unfortunately for me, I don’t like anis, the flavor that also is in black liquorice, but I can still enjoy one or two in the spirit of the day.

Also as I mentioned on my Basque page, since it is my saint’s day, shouldn’t I get one miracle, that being the Giants clobbering the Patriots? I’m sure San Blas would approve!

Happy San Blas Day!

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