The season is over.

Well, there is still another game in our fantasy season, but I think I can officially declare my season over.  I’m playing our league leader this week, my brother Dave, he who has Brady and Moss, and the Patriots have a pretty lousy game.  I’m thinking, “Hey!  I have a shot!  I can beat Dave if my team does even average.”  Well, my team doesn’t do just average, they stink up the place!  1 point from Shaun Alexander.  3 points from Marion Barber.  15 points from Peyton Manning.  Only three of my players broke double digits!  And, to give you a real sense of how bad I did, my best player was my kicker, Rob Bironas!  Ugh!

So, I think I’m almost certain to finish last this week.  I was last coming into this week and I will be last this week.  Only a miracle next week would change things.  So, I will have the first pick next year.  Which is a quandry itself.  Do I use it on the best rookie prospect, like Brian did on Adrian Peterson?  (By the way, how about those Vikings?  They might make the playoffs!  Very cool!)  Or do I try to get the best player available?  Or do I trade it to some sucker, er, I mean, other owner for fantasy gold?  Lots to think about this year…

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