According to Howard Kurtz, Newt Gingrich’s reaction to Charles Gibson’s interview of Sarah Palin included calling it “a sad commentary on the growing anti-religious hostility of the news media.”  And McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis claims that the media treatment of Palin is an “attack on Christianity”. I just can’t believe the Republicans have gone this route.  In a country where the majority of people believe in Creationism over Evolution, which necessarily has to include a good number of Independents and Democrats, how can Republicans hijack Christianity?  When every candidate for president and vice-president is an avowed Christian, how can Republicans claim some special relationship with Christianity?

I ask anyone who considers themselves Christian to really think about this question:  Based upon his teachings in the Bible, about judging not lest you be judged, turning the other cheek, about treating others as you would be treated, how do you honestly think Jesus would vote?  Which party better embodies the teachings of Jesus? Not the Old Testament, but the actual words of Jesus.

I have no problem with people voting Republican.  I just don’t understand, however, how a devote Christian thinks the Republican party better represents the teachings of Jesus.  In my view, the Democratic party is the one that more completely embodies the teachings of Jesus.

Just to clarify my position, I myself was raised Catholic, but do not practice and do not believe in religion.  My worldview is based on scientific inquiry.

4 thoughts on “Anti-Christian?”

  1. Hi Buber:
    Congratulation for you blog.
    I’ve seen your page before but this is the first time that I read your blog.
    You seem so smart and interested in so many fields, I admire you. I wih I could be your friend.
    I could’nt agree more with this article, I am an architect, 52 yrs old, live in Santa Monica, CA and I am imported from Argentina since more than 25 years. I am a descendent of basques, french and spanish (I know is redundant) and I am in love with the basque flag and what it represents.
    It took me fifty years to realize that religion is nothing but plain brainwashing, it should be banned to teach religion until the person reaches adulthood just like having sex is.
    Keep the good work, I’ll be reading your blog regularly. I also love your blah logo.

  2. Thank you for the compliments, Martin, but my opinions are no more valid than those of anyone else. I have no problem with the religion of individual people. Where I begin to have a problem is where that religion begins to insert itself in public policy. Public policy and the priorities of our government should not be based on the personal religious beliefs of politicians.

  3. How can you say that a party that emblazes abortion, gay rights and everything else under the sun that spits in the face of all of Jesus’s teachings (which conisidently were taken straight from the old testament) is a Christian party?

  4. Well, for the reasons I stated. There is a clear break between the “eye for an eye” Old Testament and the “turn the other cheek” teachings of the New Testament. I spent enough time to know that is true. Jesus forgave the poor prostitute but not the rich merchant because of the life they tried to live. Jesus said “Judge not yet ye be judged.” That’s why I said what I said.

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