Fantasy woes…

Well, to the one or two of you who read this blog, I may have seemed oddly silent about the fantasy football season.  And there is a good reason for it:  my team sucks!  I’m not quite at the bottom of the league (that spot is reserved for the guy who had Vick and dumped him as soon as word of the dog fighting came out).  But, I’m very near there and could easily end up at the bottom the way things are going.

It all comes down to keepers.  We play in a league where we get to keep certain players from one year to the next.  My keepers appeared strong.  I was ranked number one in our preseason poll.  But, that is why they play the games.  Among my keepers I have Larry Johnson and Shaun Alexander, both of whom haven’t done so well after receiving monster contracts.  While not suffering from the typical Madden curse, Vince Young might as well have been injured for  how well he has been playing.  Larry Fitzgerald?  If he had some consistency at QB and a guy who was healthy, maybe he could do some damage.

Even the guys I drafted have not done well.  Travis Henry?  First he’s banged up and he’s likely soon to be suspended.

My bright spots are Peyton Manning (he’s not tearing up the league like Brady (damn the Patriots!  My brother, who is leading the league, has both Brady and Moss… I hate the Patriots, so much so that I even rooted for the Cowboys.  I feel dirty.) and TJ  Houshmandzadeh.  I have a couple of other nice surprises, but typically they are too inconsistent to guarantee a start and they typically have their great day on those where I don’t start them.

The bright spot for the season?  Well, even though I don’t have him, the season that Adrian Peterson is having is just awesome!  Think of how good the Vikes might be if they had a decent QB.  Peterson is tearing up the field even when everyone knows the Vikes can’t throw.  The future looks good for Vikings fans.  See, there is always a bright spot, if you look hard enough.  🙂

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  1. Yeah, I know. It’s almost as bad as rooting for the Cougs. 😉 Though, I might even stoop to that if they were playing USC or someone like that!

  2. Good to hear that their are some reasons that you may root for the Cougs! Apple Cup should be fairly even handed with both teams having a bad record. I laughed last weekend when the radio announcer said the Cougs still had a chance at a bowl game. GO COUGS AT APPLE CUP!!!

  3. I guess this is the 100th game in the Apple Cup series. Should be a good one. I saw some commemorative t-shirts that looked pretty cool, and almost got one, but figured it wasn’t worth just one game. Though, since UW will win, maybe it is worth having a memento. 🙂

    Sort of a cool link:

    It is currently messed up as some Husky (unfortunately) vandalized the page, but once it is fixed, it gives some history to the game, including overall records and scores each year.

  4. Doh! I thought the Apple Cup was this weekend! I guess, since the Vandal-Bronco game is today, I thought the other rivalry games were too. I guess there is one more week before the Huskies clobber the Cougars. 🙂 Go Vandals! Wouldn’t it be great if both of my schools were the only ones to beat BSU this year? 🙂

  5. Okay… I thought the Apple Cup was last weekend too! Silly me. Where did you see the shirts at? I saw a logo that I thought would look cool on a shirt but I haven’t seen any shirts. I was even in Cougar Connections this past weekend in downtown Seattle…. they didn’t have any Apple Cup stuff out yet. Anyway, we will see who wins. Should be a pretty even game with both teams bringing up the rear in the Pac-10! GO COUGS!

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