One thought on “Interesting quote about religion”

  1. I think this is a very deep & profound quote buber.Thanx a lot for making a post about it and making us aware.I love reading quotes & noting down great quotes.Infact I had 3 big registers full of quotable quotes but had to leave them when I ran from the wicked S Korean university.Past two years have tried to make new quote registers but life is pretty disorganised.I like quotes by Nietzsche (is the spelling correct?)& Groucho Marx the most.I am sorry my comment is longer than ur post but as I said I love quotes.I have a few more things to say about quotes…would do that when u make another post about quotes.I hope u won’t delete my comment.And one last thing,now that Obama has won the Presidential election,do u think the US would be a better country.

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