This recipe sent to me by Maite Arnaiz Aranzasti and Juan Carlos Lopez Duque


375 gr Leek
180 gr Onion
470 gr Potato
200 gr Cod
2 Cove of garlic
1 dl Olive oil
2 l Water


Chop finely the leeks, all the white side and a few of the green side and put them into a casserole with the potatoes (peeled and pieced), the onion finely choped, the half of olive oil and add water to cover them, add salt softly, because the cod (later is added) is salty and could salt the cream too much.

Turn the heat up and boil during 40 minutes more or less.

As long as the casserole is boiling, brown the garlics in a pan with the rest of the olive oil, add the salt cod (desaled and choped).

When the potatoes and the leeks are boiled add the pan's content and all of them is tritured using a mincer. Finaly setup the point of salt. The cream is served in a soup tureen and is decorated with little pieces of the green side of leeks boiled and finely choped.