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Basque Gastronomy

Food is such an important part of Basque life, with long lunches and dinners the center of many celebrations. Basque gastronomy has two main ingredients, the coastal seafood and the interior cuisine. The sheepherders of the American West also developed their own distinct dishes that are the main-stay of many Basque restaurants in the US.
Here are various online collections of Basque recipes, including Basque-American cuisine and pintxos!
Basque Foods
Here is some information about various food items that are typical of Basque cuisine, including angulas and pimientos Espelette.
Restaurants and Chefs
The Basque Country boasts some truly superb restaurants and chefs -- Donostia has more Michelin Stars per capita than any other city in the world. When you also consider the wonderful family-style Basque restaurants of the US West, Basque cuisine offers many splendid opportunities for the food lover.
Taken from "Gastronomia", one of the series of "The Basque Country, Come and then pass the word" 2nd edition, January 1993 Author: Patxi Anton Idroquilis, Published by: Gobierno Vasco, Departamento de Comercio, Consuma, y Turismo. Viceconsejeria de Turismo. Translated unofficially by Diane E. Graves.
Just as unique as the food is the drink in the Basque Country, typified by sargadoa (hard cider) and txakoli, a dry white wine.
Other Basque Food Resources
Here are some places to get Basque food in the US as well as other miscellaneous links.

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