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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Abaroa
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ABAROA There are farms with this name in Bizkaia. In Pedernales-Sukarrieta there are 7 houses or farms with this name ( Abaroa, Abaroa-barrena, Abaroa-etxebarria, Abaroa-goikoa etc..). There are also farms with this name in Nabarniz and Sopelana. There have been branches in Mundaka, Lekeitio, Amoroto etc (all in Bizkaia) and there was a branch in Gipuzkoa

Meaning: Grove or wooded ground, a place to refuge cattle

Coat of Arms : There are various, but as the requester says that his family came from Bermeo, I transcribe the coat of the Abaroa of Mundaka: En plata, tres arboles de sinople terrasados de lo mismo y puestos en situacion de faja; en el jefe dos llaves de azur puestas en aspa, con los ojos boca abajo y liadas de gules.

Please contact Steve Abaroa, sabaroa@yahoo.com if you are an Abaroa as well.

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