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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Aberasturi
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There is a little village with this name in Araba, close to Vitoria-Gasteiz (in the south-east of Gasteiz). This surname is documented since 1313. In Bizkaia there is a farm, or baserri, with this name in Gautegiz de Arteaga, and another called Aberasturizar (The old house Aberasturi) in Gizaburuaga.

There are also branches or houses with this name in Orotz (Nafarroa), Ordizia-Villafranca de Oria (Gipuzkoa), and Zuberoa.

There is a proof of nobility of somebody with this surname in Valladolid 1533. (When a Basque went to live in Spain, he proved his nobility in Valladolid's Court to obtain the same privileges as the Spanish nobles; to prove nobility it was only necesary to prove 4 generations of Basque ancestors).

Meaning: There are many theories, but I think the clearest and simplest is

  • ABERATS: meaning reach, or also cattle (sheeps, cows, horses...), in the same way that PECUNIA in Latin means the both things;
  • URI: meaning town, or group of houses
    Thus, the meaning is Rich Town, or Cattlemen Town (I prefer the second). There are other theories but I think they are stupid.

    Coat of arms: En oro, tres bandas de gules, mas tarde se le anadio una bordura lisa de plata.

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