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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Aguerre (agerre)
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Aguerre (agerre)

AGUERRE (AGERRE) Jaime Kerexeta says in his Diccionario Onomastico y Heraldoco Vasco, that the origin of this surname is Donamaria in Nabarra, with branches in Nabarra (Gaztelu, Irun, Zia, Olkoz, Beasoain, Bera), in Gipuzkoa (Legazpia) in BEBABARRA: Ostabat (the main), Mixa, and Eleta. Laburdi and Bizkaia. I am not sure in the Kerexeta's version of the branches, because this is a tipical name of many basque houses, so is possible that there is not conection between ones and others

Is probably the same name than Agirre, but in a west version

Meaning: the name come from the word AGER or AGIR, and means manifest, clear, evident..... the sense is: House very visible, without trees, and probably in a high.

Places in Benabarra with families surnamed Aguerre: Somberraute, Amendeuix-Oneix, Behasque (1544),Bustince, St. Palais, St. Esteben, Helette 1539, Iholdy, Ostabat-Asme (1604), Juxue, Larceveau, Luxe, Uhart-Cize

There are also families in Laburdi and in other basque provinces.

I have found Coat of Arms from the Aguerre of AZME (Asme), Ostabat, and Mixe, if you want I will describe them for you

En DonamarM-ma, Navarra, y de aquM-m en Gaztelu (DonamarM-ma), IrM-zn, Zia (Gulina), Olkoz, Beasoain (Ollo), y Bera de Bidasoa (en Navarra), en Legazpia (Guipuzcoa), en Yoldi, y Ostabat. TambiM-in en Azme, Laburdi y Vizcaya.

Una variaciM-sn de Aguirre.

Las Armas de Donamaria, Gaztelu, Zia y de Yoldi: En oro, un M-arbol de sinople y un lobo de sable, pasante, al pie del trono.

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