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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Akarregi
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AKARREGI I have found two baserriak with this name in Getaria (Akarregi aundia, eta Akarregi Txikia). In Hondarribia is there a baserri Akartegi. The only baserri with this name in Bizkaia is in Mendexa, but there is something strange, in the Census of 1704 the name is Agirregi, and in 1745 Acarregi, I suposse than the one of 1704 was an errata. J, Kerexeta says that are branches in Zaratamo and Lekeitio.

Meaning: There are two theorys. The one of Mitxelena is that AKAR or AKER, means what you supose and EGI can be the top of the Hill, or can be TEGI:place. The other theory is that AKAR is a plant:in spanish Ajerato (I dont know what is that).

Coat of arms... Cuartelado: 1st y 4th en azur un monticulo de plata, bajo este y delante de una oquedad de sable, un lobo de plata arrodillado de manos. 2nd y 3rd En oro 5 panelas de oro puestas en aspa

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