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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Alberro
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ALBERRO jaime kerexeta in his Diccionario Onomastico y Heraldico vasco says: In Navarre (origin). In 1610 Tomas Alberro proved his nobility in Hondarrabia (Gipuzkoa). There were an Alberro knight of Santiago in 1666 and 1674, A knight of Calatrava in 1676. In 1399 Martin Alberro Gozabarri, lived in Ataun (Gipuzkoa). In 1724 Alberto Alberro-Araeta proved his nobility in San Sebastian. There exist a house in Donostia San Sebstian (quarter of Loiola) named Alberro Enea (means Alberro's house)

Coat of arms: Cuartelado: 1 and 4.- en azur un castillo de plata; 2 and 3.- en oro un lobo andante de gules

Meaning: most authors think that this surname is a variation of ARBERRO, AR means rocks or stones, and BERRO means Thicket, so the meaning of the surname can be "The rocky place's thickets" or something simmilar

Mikelandoni Alberrio Goitia writes You stated that it is believed by some that the name Alberro comes from Arberro however, I wish to contradict and say no, it comes from Etche Alberrio- meaning "the house -of the neighboring village/countryside the " Alber Herrio, or just the neighbors' house/land, at least thats the translation of my Great-grand father whose name was Don Eusebio D'ETCHEALBERRIO, some of my cousins are today the Alberro family in the U.S., some the famille Alberry in Quebec, and yet others the familia Alverro in Argentina!

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