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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Alzate
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ALZATE The origin is a house or farm with this name in Ondarrabia (Fuenterrabia), there are two more houses with this name, one in Elgoibar, and the other in Irun, but both are derivated from the first. There is also a house in Uart-Zize in the french basque Province of Baxe-Navarre, and there are authors that think that this is the original one. There are branches in the whole basque Country (Spanish and French)

Simon Alzate proved his nobility in Motriko, in 1567.

Meaning: There are two theories about the meaning. The first component of this surname is ALZ, or ALTZ, and the meaning is "Alder tree", the second component is ATE, that means door, entrance, pass, gorge...., but some authors think that is a variation of ETA that means:plurality. So the meaning of this surname is: (the house) in the entrance of the Alder tree place, or (the house)in the gorge (or mountain pass) of the Alder trees. And the other possibility is: (the house in the) Alder tree place.

Proves of Nobility: Motriko 1567, Antonio Alzate born in Ondarrabia was knight of Alcantara in 1622 (To prove nobility was only necesary to prove to be basque, that was necesary to live in a city having the privileges of the nobles, or to have any political responability, or...)

Coat of arms: there are four coats, depending of the house, the original one is: En oro dos lobos pasantes, de sable, uno sobre el otro, Bordura componada de oro y gules

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