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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Andueza
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This surname has origin in Iraņeta (Valley of Araiz), Arguiņariz (Guirguillano), Urdanoz (Goņi), Biana, Ibero (Olza), Elkano (Egües), Arteta (Ollo) and Bakedano, all in Navarre. Also in Segura, Guipuzcoa.

The meaning of this name is "pasture." From "andu" (meaning grass, meadow or pasture) and the suffix "za" or "tza" (meaning abundant).

The coat of arms is divided in quarters. The top left and bottom right have a silver field onwhich a green pine tree is growing. Also, a black boar walking near the foot of the tree. The bottom left and top right fourths are set on fields of gold with three red hooks forming a triangle on each. There are other variations - some put the hooks in a line and on others the hooks are black.

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