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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Antxustegi
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Antxustegi Mr. Jaime Kerexeta says that this surname is from Bizkaia, there has been families with this surname in Amorebieta and Bilbao, but after reading other books, I think that is a Mistake. There is not in Bizkaia Houses with this name, and I have found two hauses or farms in Gipuzkoa, the first one is in Aretxabaleta, in the quarter of Etxebarri, and the other one in Eskoriaza in the quarter of Marin. A man named Tomas Anchustegi proved his nobility in 1592 in Eibar (Gipuzkoa), so it is clear than the Anchustegis of Bizkaia were branches of the original ones in Gipuzkoa. The meaning of this name can be ANTXUR orINTXAUR: NUT, and TEGI:Place

Coat of arms: I dont know to translate heraldic terms so I'll write it in spanish: En azur, una cruz trebolada y hueca, de oro, cantonada de cuatro panelas del mismo metal,Bordura de plata con ocho crecientes de gules.

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