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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Arambel
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ARAMBEL Is a variation of Aranbeltz, the mening is ARAN:Valey, BELTZ:Dark, but Aran can be also plum or berry, so it can be also Blackberry place. The origin is Urepel (Benabarra-Basse Navarre), and there is a branche in the Baztan Valey in Navarre.

Now there are families with this surname in: Benabarra: Aldude, Baigorri, Banka, and Urepele. Laburdi: Dinibane Lohitzun. Nabarra: Baztan-Elizondo. Bearn:Osserain, also in Argentina.

The correct spelling is ARANBEL

There is not coat of arms (or I have not found it)

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