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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Arando
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The surname is found in Durango, Ugao-Miravalles, and in Ermua (Vizcaya). It also has houses in Eibar, Bergara, and Aguinaga (Guipuzcoa).

Arando means "place of plum trees" (Aran - plum tree and do - shows location). There is also a valley called Aran in the Basque country and some authors record that the last name may indicate that the original house may have been found in that valley.

Since the person who requested this search has no interest in the coat of arms, I have simply chosen the one from Vizcaya for others who may read this from the list: The coat of arms is divided into two halves, vertically. On the left half is a red lion standing on it's hind legs upon a field of silver. The right half has a field of red upon which is a silver bridge. On the bridge is a silver tower topped with a golden flag. Under the bridge is pictured a river and to the right of it is a green rosemary bush. Around both sides is a border of gold with eight blue spear rings.

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