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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Aravena
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ARAVENA Is a basque surname and the meaning is "The lower part of the valey". But the only thing that the books say about it, is that there are families in Uruguay and Argentina with this surname, variations of this surname are: Arabena, Aravena, Arabera, Arabela, Arabehere. In Gipuzkoa there is a house named Arabe (with the acent in the second A). There aren't families with this surname in the basque Country today

Jaime Aravena sent me the following information:

Puedo agregar que en Chile es un apellido frecuente. Se dice que el primer Aravena habria llegado alrededor de 1730 con el ejercito a la guerra de Arauco. Al haber una pacificacion relativa (la guerra termina en 1882), recibe tierras en la zona del rio Maule (35Šsur) donde tuvo numerosa descendencia con mujeres nativas.

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