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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Arosteguy
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AROSTEGUY this is a basque surname very tipical, and exists in all the basque regions, but the form you write it, it is clear from Iparralde (Iparralde: North part, or French Basque Country, in Hegoalde (South Basque Country) the tipical form is Arostegui, although the correct form to write it is AROSTEGI, following the modern basque ortography , in any case the ortography is not for the surnames so anybody can use the tradition of the family or the modern rules.

The meaning of Arostegi is "The Carpenter's House" AROTZ: carpenter, TEGI: place or house, can be Blacksmith's house, because in some parts of the country, Arotz is blacksmith.

Mr. Jaime Kerexeta says in his book that the origin of the surname is Bermeo, and there are bransches in the other regions, but I don't believe that, a surname can have many original places, because basque surnames are names of houses, and families toke their surnames from the name of the house they lived, until the Trento Council that oblished to make baptism records and to put to the children the same surname that their parents. There exists families with this surname in Donibane-Garazi (St. Jean de Pied de Port) and Baigorri (In Behenafarroa), and of corse in many villages of Nafarroa, Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia, but it is clear which is the origin of your surname.

There are a lot of Coat of Arms of Arostegi

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