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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Arraiz
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ARRAIZ is the name of a small village (belongs to the municipality of Ulzama) located in the north west of Pamplona (more or less 10 Kmts.), Metauten is not in the Pyrenees, is located near Estella, in the south west of Pamplona (more or less 18 kmts). Well, you know that our idea about distances is very different than the American.

The origin of the surname is the place named Arraiz, there are two big branches of this surname, one passed to Gipuzkoa (Idiazabal and Itsasondo), and other went to Pamplona and Los Arcos in Nabarra, a branche variated the surname to Arraez

Proves of Nobility: Gipuzkoa in 1690, Pamplona 1766,1793

Coat of Arms: En azur tres sirenas, de su color natural, de cabellos de oro sobre ondas de agua de azur y plata, llevando cada una un espejo de plata en la mano diestra y un peine de oro en la siniestra

Other Coat: en oro tres caballeros armados y surmontados de una rueda de gules

Meaning: ARRI means stone, and AITZ means rock, so probably the meaning of this toponim is "The Rock" ,or stony place, although there are other theories

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