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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Arriaga
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ARRIAGA The meaning is ARRI: Stone, or Rock, AGA: place There are many houses Arriaga in the Basque Country

GIPUZKOA: Berastegi (quarter of Urdinarain), Alza, Antzuola, Azpeitia (Loiola), Irun, Elgoibar (quarter of Arriaga), Villabona (quarter Amasa), In Onate there is a House Arriagakua (the house of Arriaga)

BIZKAIA: Ereno, Amorebieta, Berriatua, Manaria, Markina, menaka, Mungia, Rigoitia, Barrika, Berriz, (In some of these villages there are more than one Arriaga house)

NABARRA:Tafalla, Ustaroz (Ronkal Valey), Bera de Bidasoa

ARABA: Aiala, Lezama, Gasteiz.

There are branches in other villages, like Lekeitio in Bizkaia, without house named Arriaga.

There is an Author that says that this lineage is descendant from a Knight that in the times of the King Garcia "el Noble", conquered the Town of Tafalla (to the mores) and founded there the Castle of Arriaga, and from then, there went branches to different parts of the Basque Country and Aragon (the history can be truth, but I don't believe the history about the branches, because is a common toponim).

There have been knights of Santiago, Calatrava, Carlos III, and Malta with this surname, There are a lot of proves of hidalguia (Nobility) of families with this surname.

Coat of arms: there are a lot of them , but depends on the house

Note: the main theatre of Bilbao has the name Arriaga Theatre, the name is dedicated to a great composer named Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga, he was very good but died when he was 20 years old

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