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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Arroitajauregi
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ARROITAJAUREGI the real name is Arroita Jauregi, Jauregi means Palace, so the name means "Palace Arroita". Well, the basque concept of Palace is not the same as the French One, there are many kinds of palaces, but generaly a palace is a house bigger than the others and a little more elegant, but many times in the country is not easy to see diferences between a "palace" and a normal house.

This house or palace is located in a village named BERRIZ, and in the quarter of Murgoitio (located between Berriz and Elorrio in the south east of Bizkaia), close to it there is other house named simply "Arroita"

The meaning is something like a pass between two mountains, ravine, gorge etc.. and...there are mountains between Berriz and Elorrio. , the original word is ARROETA, ARRO is pass, gorge, and ETA is a sufix that in toponims means place

I cannot find coat of arms

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