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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Arruzazabala
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This is a surname which is actually two different surnames combined. In the Basque Country (as in other areas) the children take the surname of there father first and then their mother, but at times there were reasons for wanting to preserve the maternal surname for future generations (this was usually due to the prestige associated with that name). And so these composite surnames are found. I will give the surname search results for the name Arruza. You can find Zabala on the list of names already searched on Buber's page.


This surname originate in Uribe, Vizcaya.

The meaning comes from "aro" or "aru" (a fern) and the suffix "tza" or "za" (in abundance).

The coat of arms includes a green oak on a field of gold.

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