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buber.net > Basque > Surname > A > Azuara
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AZUARA In Bilbao, variation of ASUARA or AZUAGA.

Coat of arms: En oro, un toro parado, de gules (In red field a red bull). Of course there is an error with the colours, it cannot be red over red, always must be metal over colour or colour over metal, so I think it must be red field and golden bull

There are today, families with the surname AZUARA in Bilbao, Vitoria and Mexico

ASUARA: In Aragon, variation of ASUAGA

ASUAGA: In the "County" of Uribe, in Bizkaia

AZUAGA is documented in Bermeo (Bizkaia) in 1353

The meaning of these surnames is "blackberry place", although there is other theory that says that the origin of the word is "ARTSU" and in this case the meaning would be "place of stones".

The change between Z and S is common in basque surnames, because in basque, the Z don't sounds like in spanish, but as a strong S (for instance, there are ASUA families and AZUA, Aspiazu and Azpiazu, etc etc...).

It would be very interesting to make a genealogic research of your surname to know about the exact origin of your surname (Try in the family research centers of the Mormon churches). In any case I am sure that is basque. If you discover something, please let me know.

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