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buber.net > Basque > Surname > B > Barturen
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BARTUREN Hi Txomin, Barturen, although is a very Cleare Bizkaitar surname, is a difficult one.

Most Bizkaitar surnames, have its origin in the name of a House or farm (Baserria), but there is not any baserri with the name Barturen, neither in Bizkaia, nor in Gipuzkoa,

About the meaning, I have red two theories

1st theory: Barturen is a variation of Ibarguren. The change from Ibar in to Bar is very usual in basque surnames (Ibarrika:Barrika, Ibarrondo:Barrondo, Ibarrundia: Barrundia etc etc), so following this theory Barturen is compossed by Ibar: riverside, or seaside and Guren: in the limit of

2nd Theory: Barta: means: muddy place located in the riverside (Azkue), this is a word not used in Bizkaia, is only used in Iparralde, the other word is Guren: in the limit of, so Bartaguren=3DBartauren=3DBarturen

In any case, both theories give us simmilar results, the name of a house near the river.

There are families with this name in: Arminza, Bakio, Bermeo, Bilbao, Durango, Gatika, and Mungia, (I know a Barturen family living in Barakaldo).

Jaime Kerexeta says that the origin of this surname is BAKIO (or at least the first place where it was documented)

There is a Prove of Nobility of a man surnamed Barturen, in Elorrio in 1748

Coat of Arms: En oro, un arbol de sinople, acostado de dos panelas de gules, una a cada lado, y atado al arbol un lobo de sable. El jefe, de sinople con tres estrellas de oro.

=46ogueraciones (census) of Bizkaia, of 1704:

BAKIO: Jose Barturen lived in the Farm Zubiaur, Sn Juan Barturen lived in the farm Hortiga. Francisco Barturen (married with a woman surnamed Ugalde) lived in the farm Minitua,

BERMEO: There weren't Barturen, except a woman named Domenja Barturen widow of a man surnamed Bidaetxea (they are ancestors if me), living in the farm Bidaetxea.

I think is very clear that your father's family arrived to Bermeo from Bakio

I have found more about Barturen

In the Census of 1704 there is not any house named Barturen, but in the Census of 1745 and 1796 appears, this house although belongs to the Parish of San Pelaio (Bakio), belongs to the municipality of Bermeo Census of 1745, in the house Barturen, lived Domingo Barturen Census of 1796, in the house Barturen, lived Domingo Barturen

After write this, I have discovered that there is an errata in the 1704 census (in the transcription of it that I have), and there is a house Barturen in Bakio, the problem is that has been written in the column of owners in stead of the column of houses, so in 1704 in the House Barturen lived Juan Barturen. ( In the note I sent you before I wrote that Juan Barturen Lived in the farm Amezaga)

The house (farm or baserria) Barturen, is located in the quarter of San Pelaio-Zubiaur, the problem with this quarter is that because of it's double dependence (Church-Townhall) sometimes appear in Bakio and other times appear in Bermeo

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