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buber.net > Basque > Surname > B > Basanez
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BASANEZ (with egne), there are two houses in Bizkaia with this surname, and Both are in Lejona, Bizkaia, one is Basanez Mayor, or basanez Aurrekoa, and the other is Basanez menor or Basanez atzekoa. lejona or Leioa is close to Urduliz, there were branches also in Morga (Bizk).

Coat of arms: en azur un arbol de su color natural, acostado de dos aspas de plata puestas debajo de la copa, y sobre el arbol una panela de plata

There were nobility proves in Bilbao in 1778 and 1791 (it was only necesary to prove basque origin).

The meaning is not clear, can be a derivate from BASO that means forest, but the sufix EZ is strange in basque surnames, so there are authors that believes that BAZAN was a name and EZ is a derivative that means son of.......it is difficult to know but I prefer " forest place"


Originates in the Anteiglesia or Parish of Morga in Guernica, province of Vizcaya. (also BASANES)

This surname is derrived from the root word for forest (Basa). In this case, an abundant or lush forest. Similar or related surnames would be Basaran, Basarate, Basagutia and Basagoitia.

The Coat of Arms is a tree of natural colors (brown trunk/green leaves) on a blue background. To either side of the tree trunk their is a silver x and just above the tree is a silver "panela" (I don't have a translation for this word but it's a little symbol which looks like an upside down Spade from an American deck of cards.)

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