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buber.net > Basque > Surname > B > Bastida
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BASTIDA Jaime Kerexeta says that This surname was originated in Lerida (Catalonia), by a man named Juan Ruiz Bezudo, that invented a war machine named Bastida, and adopted this name as surname.

Well, I don't think this is fully correct, may be the origin of a family surnamed Bastida, but Bastida is a Lathin word with the meaning of fortress, and there are places in the Basque Country with this name, and there are families also with this name originaries from this places.

Labastida: village in the province of Alava (Basque Country) There are two houses or farms with the name Bastida in Gipuzkoa, one is located in Zumaia, and the other one is located in Oiarzun (quarter Ugaldetxo).

Basque surnames are usually the name of a farm, the families toke their surname from the name of the house, but sometimes people gave their surnames to a new house, so we don't know if the surname was originated by the name of the house, or a man surnamed Bastida built the house. I think that probably in your case is the first option (the real name of the house) Diego Bastida, born in the house of Zumaia, lived in Zestona in 1635 Benito Bastida y Urreta lived in Azkoitia in 1773.

The house of Oiarzun is a branche of the one of Zumaia, built more or less in 1684

A family Bastida lived in Bilbao in 1826

There are also Bastida Families in Rioja (Haro, Najera, Calahorra)

There are 2 coats, the one of Alava, and the one of Zumaia, if you are interested I will decribe them

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