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buber.net > Basque > Surname > B > Bergara (vergara)
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Bergara (vergara)

BERGARA (Vergara) of Course, this surname is basque, and the origin is clearly the Village of Bergara (a very nice village).

The real origin is the House Bergara, located in the quarter of Elosua in the village of Bergara. Then other houses derivated from this are:.- Bergara etxebarri (new house Bergara) in the quarter Basalgo of Bergara.- House Bergara in Hernani (Gipuzkoa), .- Bergara in Onate .- Bergara in Legazpia .- Bergara in Oiartzun, .- a name of House and surname derivated from Bergara is Bergareche or Bergaretxe (etxe means house). all this houses are in the Province of Gipuzkoa, in Bizkaia there are two houses Bergara, one is in Bedarona (Ea), and the other one in Ermua

Pedro Ibanez de Bergara vivio en Tolosa en 1346

Juan Perez de Bergara vivio en Udala (Mondragon) en 1376

Juan Bergara, vivio en Legazpia en 1533

Andres Bergara vivio en Eibar en 1623

Jose Bergara vivio en Elgoibar en 1725

Juan Ramos de Bergara (de la casa de Ermua) vivio en Zestona en 1825

Juan Bergara vivia en la casa de Onate en 1477

Miguel Bergara fue ferron (iron maker) en Legazpia en 1384

Pedro Bergara vivio en la casa de Legazpia en 1407

Diego Bergara (de la casa de Oiartzun) vivio en Zestona en 1749


There were branches in Nabarra (Elizondo), in Vitoria-Gazteiz (Araba), in Aiala (Araba), in Sara (Laburdi) documented in 1609, in Otxandiano (Bizkaia) in 1551.

A Branche went to Chili.

There are many proves of Nobility of people with this surname.

Today there are families with this surname in many villages and Towns of the whole Basque Country

Meaning: is very difficult to know, there are many theories, but the one that I like more is BERGA or BIRGA: ironworks, GARAI: High place,

Coat of arms: there are various, but here is the original of the house of Bergara: En oro un roble de sinople frutado de oro y un lobo de sable, atado con una cadena de sable al tronco. Bordura de gules con ocho aspas de oro. There are a lot of coats more.

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