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buber.net > Basque > Surname > D > D'etcheverry
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D'Etcheverry the real surname is ETCHEVERRI, the first D with apostrophe is a contraction from DE ETCHEVERRY, and is very tipical in the North Basque Country, is also tipical in the south but what is not ususal is to contract the DE with the surname in a single body. The meaning of the surname is ETXE: House BERRI: New, so your surname means The new house. It is the most usual surname in the basque country, and there are a lot of houses with this name, the spelling of it shows us clearly that it comes from the North Basque country (French part), because of the TCH, in the South part the surname is with CH, and the same with the Y, in the south is I, this surname in the south is finished with an A (A is the article) so the tipical form in the south is ECHEBERRIA or ECHEBARRIA, and in the north ETCHEVERRI or D'ETCHEVERRY, other variations of the surname are CHAVARRI, ECHEBARRI (there is a village in Bizkaia) etc....,

Basque surnames used to be names of houses, families toke the name of their house as surname, that's why we use the DE (from), in english would be FROM ETCHEVERRY, some surnames has only one or two houses with this name but in your case there are lots of houses with it, so is almost impossible to know the exact origin.

In the book about basque surnames wrote by Philippe Oyhanburu appears Chevarie as a surname that exists in Quebec (as a derivation of Etcheverrie).

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