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buber.net > Basque > Surname > E > Ecenarro
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ECENARRO The Origin of this surname is a baserri or farm with this name in Zestoa (Gip), with a branche in Aizarna (also in Zestoa), Mitxelena says that the meaning is "Gully of the bulls" and it comes from ZEZEN:Bull, ARRO: Gully (it is difficult to know what exactly means).

Proves of Nobility: Elgoibar 1628,Donostia 1628, Eibar 1728, Alegria de Oria 1667,Getaria 1776, Bilbao 1693 & 1803

This proofs of nobility were required when somebody wants to live in a Town, or when somebody were elected for a public job or duty, The proof only consist in demostrate than your family was originary of the basque Country, when basques go to live to Spain the proof were useful because the nobility give them special rights (no to pay taxes, acces to officiality in the army, etc), in any case that shows that in that years there were people with this surname living in this Towns.

Coat of arms: I dont believe on them. but if you like, there are two one belongs of the house of Zestoa, and the other to Aizarna,s

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