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buber.net > Basque > Surname > E > Echenagucias (echenagucia, Etxenaguzia)
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Echenagucias (echenagucia, Etxenaguzia)

ECHENAGUCIAS (Echenagucia, Etxenaguzia)

This surname is originally of Ondarribia-Fuenterrabía, Guipuzcoa and it is a variation of ECHENAGUSIA.

It means the main house or the most important house (the principal house). This is from "Etxe" (house) and "Nagusi" (principal, major, important) and the article "a" (the).

As you requested information pertaining to San Sebastian and their was no coat of arms for that particular region - here is the oldest coat: The arms are cut in half horizontally. On the top half is a field of green, a silver tower and a golden lion leaning on the side of the tower with its front paws (standing on its hind legs). The bottom half is a field of gold. On it is a green tree and a black wolf (in the same posture as the lion). The whole shield is bordered in blue with 10 gold "aspas" (symbol like an "x").

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