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buber.net > Basque > Surname > E > Eiguren
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Eiguren is a deformation of the surname Egiguren. The most probable meaning is from egi (hillside) and guren (limit) giving in the hillside limit or in the top of the hillside.

History and Locality
Probably, since now there doesn't exist a single caserio Eiguren in Bizkaia but there are two caserios Egiguren in Berriatua (in the area of Lekeitio-Markina), they must have quickly left Berriatua since in those caserios from 1704 on there didn't live a family with this surname. But they do appear in Lekeitio. (Lekeitio is a Villa, that is it has a city limit and it doesn't have caserios but houses and these usually don't have names. They are known by the name of the owner.) Today, there are quite a few Eigurens and nearly all originate in Lekeitio or another town to the west named Elantxobe (to the side of Ibarrangelua). The origin of Eiguren is from the surname Egiguren, which later transformed to Eguiguren, Eiguren, and Eguren as well, all existing as surnames.

Coat of Arms
(Egiguren, Eiguren, and Eguren) Ancestral houses in Berriatua and in Markina. There appear three coats-of-arms. I have chosen this one: Cuartelado 1 y 4 de azur con tres estrellas de oro puesatas en triangulo, y 2 y 3 de oro con una torre de piedra almenada. Bordura en oro con ocho sotueres de gules.

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