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buber.net > Basque > Surname > E > Elejalde
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ELEJALDE this surname is composed by ELEXA or Eleixa (Church), and ALDE that means close to, or near or in the part of.... so the meaning is: the house near the church. most basque surnames have changed the X sound (like english SH) by the spanish J sound (as Xabier to Javier), this happens also with old spanish words..(as Mexico, Texas, Quixote etc..).

Basque surnames are names of houses. Basque families used their house's name as family surname. Elejalde or Elexalde is a common name and many villages have a zone or part named Elexalde, because of that there are a lot of houses with this name, and is difficult to know the origin of a family (in the provinve of Bizkaia there are 20 houses, and in Gipuzkoa 8 or 9.

There are three coat of arms of Elejalde families, if you want I will transcribe them to you.

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