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buber.net > Basque > Surname > E > Embil (enbil)
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Embil (enbil)

EMBIL (ENBIL) The surname is EMBIL or ENBIL, and the most famous person with this surname is Pepita Embil...........the mother of Placido Domingo, so may be you are relative of the great Placido, she was born in the Donostia (St.Sebastian) area.

There exist houses or farms with this name in Aizarnazabal, Zumaia, and Zestona (quarter Aizarna), I think than the one of Zestona is derivated from the one of Zumaia, Because is documented that Martin Embil, born in the house Embil from Zumaia, proved his Nobility in Zestona in 1794 (this was tipical when a man went to live in other Town). In Usurbil there is a house named Embillenea, that means "The house of Embil" so the first owner gave his name to the house. Basque families toke their surnames from the name of the house they lived.

Meaning: Philippe Oyhamburu says in his book that the meaning is "Round Trunks" or "round logs" from EMBOR (Trunk) and BIL (round). I don't like this theory, but I cannot give you any other better, sorry

Coat of arms: En azur una torre de oro aclarada de gules y dos lebreles de plata manchados de sable, andantes , afrontados , y atados a las aldabas de la puerta con traillas de gules (there are other two coats)

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