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buber.net > Basque > Surname > E > Etxebarria
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Etxebarria means new house.

ECHEVERRIA (Etxeberria): I have less information about Nabarra, than about other basque provinces, I have a list of the Houses Etxeberria in nabarra, but I am sure that there are more houses with this name, so perhaps the information that I give is wrong, but as I cannot find Etxeberria houses in Erro valey, I suposse that your Etxeberria comes from Baztan Valey, there are several Houses Etxeberria there:House in Arizkun with branch in Amaiur, House in Baigorri, and House in Ziga, in Azpilikueta, all in Baztan valley, there is a house in Ulzama. So because the proximity of baztan Valey to Viscarret - Gerendain, I suposse that is the origin of your surname,

there are several coat of arms of the Etxeberria houses in Navarra, but most of them used the Coat of arms of the Baztan valey (ajedrezado plata y sable)

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