ETCHEGORRY (Etxegorri) Etxe means House, and Gorri means Red, so the meaning is "The red house", the form "Etche" is tipical of The French Basque Country, in the south is "Eche", and with the basque modern ortography is etxe.

There are (or were) Families with this surname in: BENABARRA: St. Martin D'Arberue, Meharin, Osses 1683. LABURDI: Anglet Biarritz, Espelette, Kanbo. ZUBEROA: Eskiula.

There are a lot of families in BEARN: Billere, Pau, Gelos, Geronce,Oloron.....also in Gascogne, Toulouse and Paris. In South America: Argentina and Uruguay ETXEGORRI (Etchegorry): The meaning is "the red house". There are branches in Argentina (Etchegorry) and Uruguay (Echegorri).

There are families with this surname in: Behenabarra: Donam. Mehai. ; Laburdi: Anglet, Biarritz, Ezpelette, Canbo,; Xiberua: Eskiula. ; Bearn: Billere, Gelos, Geronce, Oloron, Pau, Val du gave D'aspe. ; Gascogne Mnt, de Marsan