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buber.net > Basque > Surname > G > Gabicagoiaskoa
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GABICAGOIASKOA This surname is GABIKAGOJEASKOA, and the origin is a farm or house placed in Ere=F1o, a little village near Gernika, we can finf this surname written in different forms: Gabikagoxeaskoa,Gabikagoieaskoa, Gabikagojeaskoa, the same three begun with Gavica, or Gabica, and finished with ascoa, in any of these cases the surname is the same, and also the farm. The basque ortographic rules were setted in the begining of the XX, before that there are not rules, our ancestors were analfabets, and the priests wrote the surnames in the records as they thought.

In this village, is a quarter named Gabika, with a small group of farms named: Gabika-Etxebarria, Gabika-Gojeaskoa, Gabika-Bengoa, Gabika-Aldekoa, Gabika-Beaskoa, and Gabika-Andikoetxea. All the houses have the name Gabika, and the other word means "The new(house)", "the upper(house)" "The bottom(house", "the big house" etc. In the case of Gabikagojeaskoa, the meaning is "The upper house Gabika". The meaning of Gabika is not easy to know, there has been a lot of discussion between the linguists, about the meaning of the element Gaba and also about the meaning of the sifix IKA, both of them appears in many basque toponimics: GABA can be Torrent, Stream, or perhaps Cranberry, And IKA, can be, place, or can be Grade or Slope, so with this elements you can make some combinations, my favourite is "Sloping Torrent".

I have read that, the form Gavicagogeascoa, is tipical of the branches of the family that lived in Gernika.

There is not coat of arms

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